15 janeiro, 2010

Sis 671/771 Patched Driver for Xorg greater than 7.3

I am one of the unfortunate people that have a Sis 671 video card and use Linux. But recently, when I dist-upgraded my Sidux(Debian sid), it came with Xorg 7.5. Then the driver that I compiled for 7.3 broke.

After some days hacking with the source code of the modified Winischhofer's Driver(lately patched by Bartlomiej Gerlich) I finally get rid of the errors and made the source compile with Xorg 7.4(the 7.5 version was downgraded to 7.4, debian unstable things). And the driver worked wonderfully.

The Bartlomiej version is 0.9, so I decided to name it 0.9.1 because of this little patch by myself. I DO NOT tested this version on Xorg 7.5, only 7.4. Fell free to see the source and compile it at your system. My little retribution to the community. ;)



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